Beating The Streets

This is our core mission. This is why we existed from the start and why we continue to push forward on all levels. Mel gives back because she has been there. She has beaten the streets and by the Grace of God, she is still with us. She gives back because we didn’t give up on her. She gives back because she knows what it feels like to be out there alone. Will you join in her mission?

It Was In The Purse

Today I am reminded that the world can be crazy, but we don’t have to let it in. The simple things can make a person smile.

I sent my sister a box last week. The package consisted of some of my books for the grandbabies. Some odds and ends that I had sitting around the house.

I had these things sitting around, and I did not have any use for them. I thought either my sister would like them or could use them for her outreach program.

While I was bagging up the items, they provided me with release and extra space becuase I was no longer holding onto them. These items had no meaning to me other than I had spent my hard-earned money on them. I was allowing them to go to a place they could be used and possibly needed. I was feeling good.

I never expected the response I got.

My sister called me while she was opening her box and was a kid in a candy store. I never expected these small tokens that had been lying around my house could bring her so much joy.

Now, there was a joke becuase the purse I sent to her had some remnants of items that I had left in there from the last time I used it; however, it was a good laugh for all of us and anyone who is friends with us on social media.

I wanted to write this to you today because I want you to sit and think about the things you have in your life. Do you need all of it, or could you utilize some of it to bring joy to someone else?

I’m not talking only about material things. Think about your gifts that you hold inside of yourself.

I would love to tell everyone to go through their closets and drawers and all over their house for the next 30 days and pick one item to put in a box. After 30 days, they will have 30 things to give away to someone or the local shelter. Wouldn’t this feel good to give items to those who would use these for their first house after going through a fire. Or if they are getting back on their feet after drug addiction?

What if you had this unique gift of listening to people. Couldn’t you volunteer at a shelter to have dinner with someone by helping out?

I don’t get to help first hand much because I sit behind a computer, and I don’t know if what I do helps, but I don’t stop because it brings me to therapy.

Last night when I saw the smile on my sister’s face, it reminded me that I must keep going no matter what I do.

When she smiles and feels good about herself, then she is capable of so many great things. When she is fulfilled, she can give back to the people in the streets who deserve a better life.

I am happy to make people smile and tell stories in the way that we do each week.

Until next time my friends.

The Genre of People

Can we sit and ponder how many people in the world would love to have just one tiny thing that you have, but they can’t.

Then let’s ponder the things you sit and wish you had of someone else.

Now, if you’re still with me, ponder what the world would be like if everyone just shared so we could all prosper.

What a wonderful place that would be, right?

I’ve been afforded some great opportunities in life, and I am blessed to surround myself with people who will do this, and I grow from it. I believe this is what allows me to give back.

The core of humanity is giving to other humans and furthering the “HUMAN” race above all else.

Why do you think that people forget this all too often? Yes, we want to get ahead and have things in our lives, but why do we emphasize material things and not positively sustain our life?

Do we think that the world that we see on television and social media is real?

I did a test and had posted some original photos of myself on social media. I received minimal likes, rarely comments. When I posted an edited version of that same photo to give me an appearance of near perfection, Random people flooded my inbox, and the friend requests were flowing in.

Why do you think that happened?

Do you believe that people want to flock towards perfection and soak up on what they believe to be the very thing they seek?

Can not an unattractive person hold the secrets to beauty? Can an unintelligent person be kind?

I believe every single person holds merit in their own right. Why do we judge a book by its cover? Because the cover design is what is supposed to tell you how the book is going to go, right? Well, in literature, yes, but in real life and the color of someone’s hair, no.

Take the time to authentically talk to people. Interact with those who you usually wouldn’t. There are hidden treasures in every corner of the world and every single genre of people out there. Don’t hold yourself to a niche when it comes to people or miss out on greatness in the most unexpected places.

I hope you have a great week and that you connect with someone who fills your soul with greatness and happiness this week.

Until next time my friends.


Sometimes in life, you have to readjust to understand your purpose. Yeah, we can all go full steam ahead and think we have it all figured out, then hit a brick wall. It’s called life happens.

When we can adjust on the fly and roll with the world, our lives tend to be more fruitful. There is no manual on life, so why pretend we all have it together?

We need to become more authentic. Let people know when we are hurting and what we need to help us through those times. We need to admit our failures, so others won’t be so afraid to fail, and they will try. The problem is leading with your “EGO.” When you lead with your Ego, it tells people that you think you’re the most crucial person in the room.

Sure, if you want to live like that, then go for it, but the pressure of living like that has to be insurmountable at times.

Be humble, understand that it’s nothing against you if you fail. You are not a bad person if you have a hiccup and don’t want to accomplish a task today or tomorrow, but you will the next day. It’s ok if you have a good cry or a perfect day. If you are hiding behind your Ego, then you are missing out on life.

I tend to lead with humility and humbleness. This allows me to be authentic and show people my failures, successes, and just all out craziness. I believe when I show them this, they know that they can achieve anything as well.

We should be lifting each other by showing the “REAL” in the world. The edited version of your life is not what will get you through, and it’s the real parts that determine your future.

Until next time my friends.

Going In Full Force

Hey all my peeps across the world, How is everyone doing?

Last year was a wild ride. I tell you, we never thought any of what we did we were going to do. When we started in 2019, we just started on a whim, then in 2020, we stopped for a while, then picked up with a vengeance.

2021 we are going all in. We are stepping up our game, the trot is over, and we are sprinting because we have things to do.

I could go back and reminisce, but hey, go back and watch some videos. If you want to reflect, we are moving forward. There are too many people on the streets. We are done watching them lose their lives because they are being left behind.

We will be doing our shows, and we are going to work on our outreach and marketing. We want to make sure that we reach people as much as possible and give back. 2020 has saved my family in more ways than I could have ever thought of, and I am thankful for that. I became closer to them than I have ever been in my life.

Yesterday I talked to my nephew, who got out of jail in 2020 after years, and he is making more money than I was when I worked full time. He is doing the dang thing and traveling with his work. Can I get an Amen?

I think him going out and helping people by giving them food and clothes and having conversations with them let him realize life could worsen, so wake the heck up and start living. I’m thankful for the infusion of hope that the SisterSisterLiveShow has given each of us involved with it and the people that we are going to continue to help.

My hope for 2021 is that we can save someone’s life. We can get someone off the streets and watch them prosper. 2020 saved my family, and now we will save others, full speed ahead, together, until we are all thriving.

Until next time my friends.

When you Know, You Know

Have you ever done something in life that didn’t feel right? Do you often chase a dream that you sit and wonder, “why am I pursuing this?” Then you go down a path that feels so right in your bones that you can’t stop?

That’s how I feel about writing and pursuing my dream of helping others.

There is this beautiful feeling you get when you can create something on paper. When you bring characters to life, you can watch them develop into their personalities.

When you help others, you watch that light bulb go off over their head. You can watch their dreams come true, and it’s like you watched your very own dream come true through them.

Giving back isn’t something that is for everyone; however, it’s something that if every human did a little more, we could all be a bit better off.

Although we have had to pause our operations of feeding those in need due to the wintertime, we haven’t stopped helping people along the way. We believe in providing free help in any avenue of our business. When we talk to people about being Authors, drug addicts, take them to the clinics, help them start a podcast, we are not doing this for free. We are trying to help them realize they can live their dream.

Yes, there is a business in all of this; we realize that, but it wouldn’t be our brand if we weren’t doing it for free at the SisterSisterLiveShow. We believe that helping others helps us in the long run because we want to bring humanity back to humanity until everyone comes home.

What do you do to give back to your community?

Until Next Time My Friends

Hello From The Inside

Hey everyone, I’m back. I’ve been away from writing my tail off. Now that is done, so I’m writing to you again.

I titled this hello from the inside. When writing one of my books, I realized that we often forget about that inner voice. From the time that we are born until the time we lay our heads down that final time, we scream from the inside.

We scream to be seen, to be heard, and to be loved. Some will fulfill in life, and others will not.

It’s sad when you see a person who is screaming for help, yet no one notices. There are subtle instances that you can tell they are calling. That overtly happy person, who always has a joke in their pocket. That person who always has a storm on the horizon and is still exhausted. The person who can be altruistic kind, yet they don’t seem to have their own life together.

Why do we not pay attention to everyone around us? Why are we not having conversations that matter? Why do we still focus on the outward things instead of the inward things?

The sad part is, most people are focusing on what they think brings them happiness. I believe the one thing that should bring each person joy is sitting with themselves.

How many of you can say, sitting with yourself and your thoughts make you happy? Once you can say that, then everything else or any other person around, you enhance that happiness.

Try sitting with yourself. Please bring a journal; you will need it. Once you sit with yourself, you will start to realize the things that are making you unhappy. Write them down. Don’t get up and walk away because the silence becomes too noisy with your thoughts.

Stay there until you become a little more peaceful. Try this every day until you find happiness in sitting with yourself.

Your life will start to change.

If you are a person who will always get interrupted when trying to sit with yourself, leave that place that you are sitting with yourself because you’re not in the right place to sit with yourself. I’m not saying go for good, just for a little while to sit with yourself.

If people don’t respect your quiet time, stand up for yourself. You deserve every bit of happiness that is waiting for you in that silence.

Until next time my friends.

Watching it all Unfold

When you have nothing and give everything, that leaves a special place in the universe for your soul.

I watched last week as people barely making ends meet give everything they had to try to help others.

I watch this every single week.

I am in awe that people want to help so much but can never find a way to help.

I think that our society makes it hard to help because of the rules and laws around HELP.

The definition of help should be so easy, but because so many have abused the HELP, we tend to make up many rules and laws to convolute the process, and the very people who need it the most go without.

I often wonder who makes up the rules on who gets assistance. I see families working three or four jobs just trying to make ends meet and can’t get aid, but if they quit that job and not work at all, they would get more help than the money they were making.

I see people in their addiction ask for help, but they can’t receive it because they don’t have a physical address.

The list goes on.

Do we live in a world that wants to give you the perception of helping?

Or do we live in a world that wants to help?

Do people want help, or do they want to ask for help, yet continue to be the victim as it gives them the attention they want?

I say all of the above.

We have people who genuinely want to help and be helped.

We also have people who want to give the perception of helping, so it lines their pockets and makes them look good.

We have people who say they want help, yet they would rather receive the attention they get from being a perpetual victim.

I know that version is raw, but it’s the absolute truth.

How do you decide who to help and who not to help?

Let me put it very bluntly; you don’t!

You help without abandon and let people weed themselves out.

You don’t judge or pity.

You don’t hold back; you do what you are called to do and let each person fall where they will because the universe and God has a way of making everything be as it may be.

Sometimes you may feel slighted because you helped someone who deceived you, DON’T!

If you feel slighted, then you did not help from a pure place. If you feel slighted, then you were helping out of a place to gain something.

Stop that and give from kindness and a sense of urgency to bring everyone home.

I hope you all have a great week. Find something to give back to, even if it’s giving away some of those old clothes that have piled up in your closet that you haven’t worn in a year.

Take care, everyone.

Until next time.


Embrace The Difference

Throughout the week, we are often reminded of the differences amongst us.

We have a cook, a mindset shift coach, someone who gives advice, faith-based motivation, a vet who catches up with old buddies, and a group who goes out into the community to feed those in need.

That is one dynamic team of individuals, yet we synchronized so well together towards the common goal of helping people get noticed and find a place to go when there is nowhere else.

We posted a video this week of our “WHY.” This video tells the very reason why this endeavor is so important.

I titled this embrace the differences because we live in a world where our differences make use stronger.

Some will want you to fit into a mold, don’t do it. Some will tell you that your way too out in the left field. Be happy that you out there and not on the inside.

NO matter where you stand on the field, remember, you are on the field, and that is all that matters.

There are no magical boxes to put people who are making a difference. NO matter how they are making it, they are making it.

Go out there and be great, do not let anyone put “Baby in the corner.”

Until next time my friends.


Are you living your passion?

What can I say about this week that you didn’t already see in the videos and podcasts?

I want to ask you and let you ponder if you live your passion?

Each day as we wake up, do you smile when you open your eyes because you are blessed with more time in this world? Or do you think, here we go again, ho-hum?

We have a limited time on this planet, and we need to be thankful for what we have. Some people don’t have much at all, yet they enjoy it to the fullest, and others have a whole life and never truly live.

Each day finally, I am waking up and living my passion.

Living my passion scares me because now I am aware of my mortality. Some would say, stop living your passion if it scares you. Why has something reminded you every day that you are mortal?

I tell those people if you could feel the way I feel every day, you wouldn’t give it up either.

I think my mortality is forced upon me because I don’t want to stop what I am doing. I don’t want to be taken away before finishing my creation and giving back to the world.

I live with a sense of urgency that today may be the last day I get to accomplish my dreams and provide the world with a nugget of kindness.

I have to do it all in one day because tomorrow isn’t promised.

Most will say, don’t rush it, you have time.

I say I’m waking up each day with a purpose, and living a purpose-filled life means I don’t wake up dreading what the day brings. I don’t wake up frustrated with all the meetings and tasks I need to accomplish.

Each of them is a passion of mine, so I feel fulfilled and want to keep going.

Do an inventory of your life, ask yourself if you are passionate about your life, or go through the motions.

Write down what you are passionate about and start taking steps to live your passion.

I promise you will start to have a transfoirmation that will change your life.

Until next time my friends.