Educating Acceptance

This past Saturday I talked to Author L.M. Archer. Lena is educating people on conversations that most societies do not talk about. Lena writes in the romance category of literature, often bringing out Male Loving Male characters on the darker side of the spectrum. Growing up, Lena found there was no acceptance of individuals who did not live in the square box.

This issue made her put herself through college, where she earned a two bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s degree. She uses her platform to highlight issues within the LBGTQ+ community. She also educates people of the problems our youth and many others face.

Talking to Lena, you could feel her passion for the subjects that she writes in. You could feel she has had to fight for her happiness, but is accepting of others. She has worked hard to become educated and works to bring that knowledge to others.

Through her writing and beautiful spirit, she is changing the stigma that is put into the LGBTQ+ community. Lena is assisting people to open their eyes and see the struggle.

I commend Lena for tackling a subject many will steer away from and living her life free and embracing the differences among everyone in society.

I loved that, although she may not have the same views as those around her; they continue to be close and accept one another. Her loving attitude and passionate heart is what will catapult her into an arena all on her own in the future.

Checkout her interview and maybe you will learn of some of your own revelations

Until next time, my friends


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