The Phoenix Rising

There are people you meet, and they leave a lasting impression on your life.

Dr. LaTarsha Holden is one of those people.

I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing her this past weekend. I was floored many times by her words’ grace and wisdom. Her faith was the one thing that shined through for me, and it melted my heart and made my spirit smile.

I love a comeback story, and Y’all know that. Listening to Dr. Holden’s story wasn’t just about a comeback story. Her story is so much more. Her life shows us about the world and how we view people in specific demographics. Her report shows us how we believe things are when they are not.

Dr. Holden also didn’t let her circumstances harden her like so many do. She stayed soft and caring through every single bit of the harshness of what life threw at her. That, to me, is the most remarkable thing about her.

I could sit and talk to her every day of my life and learn something new, along with wondering if I could ever get enough of her wisdom.

If you don’t know her name, you need to. If you haven’t listened to her interview, you need to.

Check out her show below, follow her journey. Heck, read her book. She will tell you her whole story in her own words. I’ve ordered three of hers myself, LOL.

Until Next Time My Friends.

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