Life’s Unexpected Journey

This past Saturday, I had the distinct pleasure of talking with Amanda Sullivan. Most people will walk by her wherever she goes and think she is just another average woman doing her thing.

One thing I found out, she is not your average woman. She is a WHOLE BOSS. Amanda has a shine that comes through in her smile. Behind her smile is the shine are years of experiences and “Unexpected Journeys”.

She is a special needs mom and a mother to another beautiful child who; she felt like she didn’t give enough to. As a mother, I felt that deep in my soul. She was very raw in this interview, sharing that she often had to weigh saving one child’s life by teaching the other how to ride a bike.

She created her podcast “Life Unexpected” because no one wants to talk about the “SHIT” that we go through. In life the smallest of things can throw us off our paths. We also smile and say “I’m fine” through so much when we are falling apart inside.

The people who look like they have it all together are going through the most.

I loved talking to Amanda and getting to know her more. I loved her rawness and can’t wait for another episode of her podcast.

Check out her interview below, and until next time my friends


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