It Was In The Purse

Today I am reminded that the world can be crazy, but we don’t have to let it in. The simple things can make a person smile.

I sent my sister a box last week. The package consisted of some of my books for the grandbabies. Some odds and ends that I had sitting around the house.

I had these things sitting around, and I did not have any use for them. I thought either my sister would like them or could use them for her outreach program.

While I was bagging up the items, they provided me with release and extra space becuase I was no longer holding onto them. These items had no meaning to me other than I had spent my hard-earned money on them. I was allowing them to go to a place they could be used and possibly needed. I was feeling good.

I never expected the response I got.

My sister called me while she was opening her box and was a kid in a candy store. I never expected these small tokens that had been lying around my house could bring her so much joy.

Now, there was a joke becuase the purse I sent to her had some remnants of items that I had left in there from the last time I used it; however, it was a good laugh for all of us and anyone who is friends with us on social media.

I wanted to write this to you today because I want you to sit and think about the things you have in your life. Do you need all of it, or could you utilize some of it to bring joy to someone else?

I’m not talking only about material things. Think about your gifts that you hold inside of yourself.

I would love to tell everyone to go through their closets and drawers and all over their house for the next 30 days and pick one item to put in a box. After 30 days, they will have 30 things to give away to someone or the local shelter. Wouldn’t this feel good to give items to those who would use these for their first house after going through a fire. Or if they are getting back on their feet after drug addiction?

What if you had this unique gift of listening to people. Couldn’t you volunteer at a shelter to have dinner with someone by helping out?

I don’t get to help first hand much because I sit behind a computer, and I don’t know if what I do helps, but I don’t stop because it brings me to therapy.

Last night when I saw the smile on my sister’s face, it reminded me that I must keep going no matter what I do.

When she smiles and feels good about herself, then she is capable of so many great things. When she is fulfilled, she can give back to the people in the streets who deserve a better life.

I am happy to make people smile and tell stories in the way that we do each week.

Until next time my friends.

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