The Genre of People

Can we sit and ponder how many people in the world would love to have just one tiny thing that you have, but they can’t.

Then let’s ponder the things you sit and wish you had of someone else.

Now, if you’re still with me, ponder what the world would be like if everyone just shared so we could all prosper.

What a wonderful place that would be, right?

I’ve been afforded some great opportunities in life, and I am blessed to surround myself with people who will do this, and I grow from it. I believe this is what allows me to give back.

The core of humanity is giving to other humans and furthering the “HUMAN” race above all else.

Why do you think that people forget this all too often? Yes, we want to get ahead and have things in our lives, but why do we emphasize material things and not positively sustain our life?

Do we think that the world that we see on television and social media is real?

I did a test and had posted some original photos of myself on social media. I received minimal likes, rarely comments. When I posted an edited version of that same photo to give me an appearance of near perfection, Random people flooded my inbox, and the friend requests were flowing in.

Why do you think that happened?

Do you believe that people want to flock towards perfection and soak up on what they believe to be the very thing they seek?

Can not an unattractive person hold the secrets to beauty? Can an unintelligent person be kind?

I believe every single person holds merit in their own right. Why do we judge a book by its cover? Because the cover design is what is supposed to tell you how the book is going to go, right? Well, in literature, yes, but in real life and the color of someone’s hair, no.

Take the time to authentically talk to people. Interact with those who you usually wouldn’t. There are hidden treasures in every corner of the world and every single genre of people out there. Don’t hold yourself to a niche when it comes to people or miss out on greatness in the most unexpected places.

I hope you have a great week and that you connect with someone who fills your soul with greatness and happiness this week.

Until next time my friends.

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