Sometimes in life, you have to readjust to understand your purpose. Yeah, we can all go full steam ahead and think we have it all figured out, then hit a brick wall. It’s called life happens.

When we can adjust on the fly and roll with the world, our lives tend to be more fruitful. There is no manual on life, so why pretend we all have it together?

We need to become more authentic. Let people know when we are hurting and what we need to help us through those times. We need to admit our failures, so others won’t be so afraid to fail, and they will try. The problem is leading with your “EGO.” When you lead with your Ego, it tells people that you think you’re the most crucial person in the room.

Sure, if you want to live like that, then go for it, but the pressure of living like that has to be insurmountable at times.

Be humble, understand that it’s nothing against you if you fail. You are not a bad person if you have a hiccup and don’t want to accomplish a task today or tomorrow, but you will the next day. It’s ok if you have a good cry or a perfect day. If you are hiding behind your Ego, then you are missing out on life.

I tend to lead with humility and humbleness. This allows me to be authentic and show people my failures, successes, and just all out craziness. I believe when I show them this, they know that they can achieve anything as well.

We should be lifting each other by showing the “REAL” in the world. The edited version of your life is not what will get you through, and it’s the real parts that determine your future.

Until next time my friends.

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