When you Know, You Know

Have you ever done something in life that didn’t feel right? Do you often chase a dream that you sit and wonder, “why am I pursuing this?” Then you go down a path that feels so right in your bones that you can’t stop?

That’s how I feel about writing and pursuing my dream of helping others.

There is this beautiful feeling you get when you can create something on paper. When you bring characters to life, you can watch them develop into their personalities.

When you help others, you watch that light bulb go off over their head. You can watch their dreams come true, and it’s like you watched your very own dream come true through them.

Giving back isn’t something that is for everyone; however, it’s something that if every human did a little more, we could all be a bit better off.

Although we have had to pause our operations of feeding those in need due to the wintertime, we haven’t stopped helping people along the way. We believe in providing free help in any avenue of our business. When we talk to people about being Authors, drug addicts, take them to the clinics, help them start a podcast, we are not doing this for free. We are trying to help them realize they can live their dream.

Yes, there is a business in all of this; we realize that, but it wouldn’t be our brand if we weren’t doing it for free at the SisterSisterLiveShow. We believe that helping others helps us in the long run because we want to bring humanity back to humanity until everyone comes home.

What do you do to give back to your community?

Until Next Time My Friends

Published by sistersisterliveshow

Once upon a time sisters were born, they grew up and decided they wanted to drive each other crazy and share it with the world. Whether they are fighting, gabbing, crying, or yelling, they are thick as thieves. Don’t get the world twisted, they are not perfect, but they are perfectly harmonized together in this thing called life. You mess with one you get them all. Leading completely different lives gives them totally different opinions of the world. Sometimes it's comical, sometimes it's dramatic. One thing is for sure, they always speak their mind, and its always raw, real, and relatable! Once they dreamed bigger they brought more sisters and a brother into the mix to create a dynamic team of people committed to giving back. We believe the personalities on the show gives an insight into what the world needs in trying times. There is nothing we can’t do with the Grace of God at our backs.

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