Hello From The Inside

Hey everyone, I’m back. I’ve been away from writing my tail off. Now that is done, so I’m writing to you again.

I titled this hello from the inside. When writing one of my books, I realized that we often forget about that inner voice. From the time that we are born until the time we lay our heads down that final time, we scream from the inside.

We scream to be seen, to be heard, and to be loved. Some will fulfill in life, and others will not.

It’s sad when you see a person who is screaming for help, yet no one notices. There are subtle instances that you can tell they are calling. That overtly happy person, who always has a joke in their pocket. That person who always has a storm on the horizon and is still exhausted. The person who can be altruistic kind, yet they don’t seem to have their own life together.

Why do we not pay attention to everyone around us? Why are we not having conversations that matter? Why do we still focus on the outward things instead of the inward things?

The sad part is, most people are focusing on what they think brings them happiness. I believe the one thing that should bring each person joy is sitting with themselves.

How many of you can say, sitting with yourself and your thoughts make you happy? Once you can say that, then everything else or any other person around, you enhance that happiness.

Try sitting with yourself. Please bring a journal; you will need it. Once you sit with yourself, you will start to realize the things that are making you unhappy. Write them down. Don’t get up and walk away because the silence becomes too noisy with your thoughts.

Stay there until you become a little more peaceful. Try this every day until you find happiness in sitting with yourself.

Your life will start to change.

If you are a person who will always get interrupted when trying to sit with yourself, leave that place that you are sitting with yourself because you’re not in the right place to sit with yourself. I’m not saying go for good, just for a little while to sit with yourself.

If people don’t respect your quiet time, stand up for yourself. You deserve every bit of happiness that is waiting for you in that silence.

Until next time my friends.

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