Watching it all Unfold

When you have nothing and give everything, that leaves a special place in the universe for your soul.

I watched last week as people barely making ends meet give everything they had to try to help others.

I watch this every single week.

I am in awe that people want to help so much but can never find a way to help.

I think that our society makes it hard to help because of the rules and laws around HELP.

The definition of help should be so easy, but because so many have abused the HELP, we tend to make up many rules and laws to convolute the process, and the very people who need it the most go without.

I often wonder who makes up the rules on who gets assistance. I see families working three or four jobs just trying to make ends meet and can’t get aid, but if they quit that job and not work at all, they would get more help than the money they were making.

I see people in their addiction ask for help, but they can’t receive it because they don’t have a physical address.

The list goes on.

Do we live in a world that wants to give you the perception of helping?

Or do we live in a world that wants to help?

Do people want help, or do they want to ask for help, yet continue to be the victim as it gives them the attention they want?

I say all of the above.

We have people who genuinely want to help and be helped.

We also have people who want to give the perception of helping, so it lines their pockets and makes them look good.

We have people who say they want help, yet they would rather receive the attention they get from being a perpetual victim.

I know that version is raw, but it’s the absolute truth.

How do you decide who to help and who not to help?

Let me put it very bluntly; you don’t!

You help without abandon and let people weed themselves out.

You don’t judge or pity.

You don’t hold back; you do what you are called to do and let each person fall where they will because the universe and God has a way of making everything be as it may be.

Sometimes you may feel slighted because you helped someone who deceived you, DON’T!

If you feel slighted, then you did not help from a pure place. If you feel slighted, then you were helping out of a place to gain something.

Stop that and give from kindness and a sense of urgency to bring everyone home.

I hope you all have a great week. Find something to give back to, even if it’s giving away some of those old clothes that have piled up in your closet that you haven’t worn in a year.

Take care, everyone.

Until next time.


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