Embrace The Difference

Throughout the week, we are often reminded of the differences amongst us.

We have a cook, a mindset shift coach, someone who gives advice, faith-based motivation, a vet who catches up with old buddies, and a group who goes out into the community to feed those in need.

That is one dynamic team of individuals, yet we synchronized so well together towards the common goal of helping people get noticed and find a place to go when there is nowhere else.

We posted a video this week of our “WHY.” This video tells the very reason why this endeavor is so important.

I titled this embrace the differences because we live in a world where our differences make use stronger.

Some will want you to fit into a mold, don’t do it. Some will tell you that your way too out in the left field. Be happy that you out there and not on the inside.

NO matter where you stand on the field, remember, you are on the field, and that is all that matters.

There are no magical boxes to put people who are making a difference. NO matter how they are making it, they are making it.

Go out there and be great, do not let anyone put “Baby in the corner.”

Until next time my friends.


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