Kindness is Currency

If kindness was currency, some of y’all would be broke!
Some of you would be rich beyond your means.
Which one of these demographics do you fit in?

I ask this because I believe that the most beautiful gift we can give a person is our kindness. Take inventory of what you have to offer. You can show your skills as a great social media expert, a coach, a doctor, a financial guru, etc.. Still, the one thing that each and every single one of us has in common is we can offer kindness.

I know that kindness is the one thing that most people seek and what a lot of people see as a weakness. I will personally tell you it is the definition of strength.

Do you know how hard it is to be kind to a person who has nothing but malintent in their heart for you?

Do you know how hard it is to be kind when your heart is breaking and don’t have a penny to your name?

I have experienced kindness in its most natural form so many times in my life.

Have you ever walked down the street and been stopped by someone who has no money or a place to sleep. They ask you for money, and you say you don’t have anything to give, but you know you do. They say God Bless you Anyways. They are asking God to bless you even when you couldn’t bless them. That my friend is kind.

I went home to visit my family while in the military one time. I spent all my money running the streets with my friends instead of seeing my grandmother. She was the one person who cared that I was home the most. When it came time to leave, I didn’t have enough money to get back to St. Louis, where my plane would take off from. She called around and borrowed money to get me enough to rent a car. She even asked a friend to ride with me since I was driving through the night. She got enough money to buy them a bus ticket back home, so they had a way back. I tell this story because not once did she or her friend think of themselves.

I was young and didn’t think of anyone other than myself, but the kindness they showed me back then stuck with me today. Selflesslisness is often overlooked because people think about what they are gaining out of it.

A friend who shares a post because they believe in what you do, a person who buys your products because you are trying to create a business for yourself is showing you kindness. Someone who watches your kids so you can go to work is showing you kindness.

Walking in the store, holding the door open for someone because you don’t want to shut in their face is kindness. Nowadays, standing six feet away from someone because you respect their personal space and their health matters.

Kindness is a currency, we can become rich from the compassion that we share with others, or we can become poor by continuing to be our senseless selves.

Pay more attention to the actions you are setting free in the universe and how you portray your innermost self. What others see is how they will believe you are. It doesn’t matter how much you sell, how much you tell them you are different, what they feel from you makes the difference.

Have a great week, everyone,


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