Are you Living Free?

How many of you can say that you are living a free life? Not that you in America, and you have freedom, but you are living a free life. Free from society’s views of what is expected. Free from financial strain. Free from your own mind beating you up every single day. Free from caring for other’s opinions. Free from disbelief of freedom.

Now I would sit and wait for a reply, but I would be waiting for a long time. Don’t kid yourself, really, because most of you couldn’t walk down the street without putting something on that you thought would look good enough for your neighbor to see you in. Let that sink in.

Does it bother you when someone looks at you? Why? Why can’t they look at you and simply admire that you are another human being in this world and you may have something to offer them. Maybe they are respecting the fact that you stand tall and don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks.

Why do you worry so much about financials? Is it because you can’t go shopping all the time, and every time you go to the store you see things you like? Admire those things, but you don’t need them in your house or taking up your money. You want those things because you have lived a life long of needing material things to define you, or material things to make you feel better. Look inside, and you can make yourself feel better. You can make enough money to be happy, learn to live within your means.

Why do you worry about what society feels is a social norm? Can’t you live the life you want to live in? Even if there are some laws in place in specific countries, you can still live an abundant life and work towards total freedom.

Its called a “CHOICE” you have to start making them and stop blaming others for your inability to actually put candid thought into your brain.

Don’t sit there and think that you can’t have a better life. Stop letting yourself down.

Why is it you will take the shirt off your own back, for someone else, but you won’t even shut off your phone at a certain of the night to get yourself some peace?

It’s your “CHOICE” to live free, take the plunge, and join me on the other side. Let me know when you get here; make sure you call ahead because I’m making sure to protect my peace, and I am available by appointment only!

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