Who’s Ready To Be Great

I titled this, who’s ready to be great.

I did that because everyone wants to be the best version of themselves, the next millionaire, the next guru, or whatever.

I wonder who out there wants to be just great. When I say great, I mean, who wants to be great in just being themselves?

Being great can mean that you know yourself better than anyone else. Being great can be that you are always there for people. Being great can mean that you have the most robust faith on the planet. Being great can mean different to so many people.

In a world where everyone is striving to be something, how about just being great.

Now the dictionary defines great as the ability, quality, or eminence considerably above the normal or average.

I question you, is normal or average so bad? In today’s societal view, it is. I ask you why?

Often we are so busy trying to grasp that nugget, or chase that next dollar, that we never look around ourselves to hone in on the most important thing.

The definition of self and who we are at our core has to be why we exist. How can we genuinely live if we do not become “Great” in who we are?

Sure, chase something, stand for something, but make sure that you have sought after your innermost knowing of yourself in the core of who you are.

If you haven’t, then the very foundation that you stand on is false and flailing. Can you live with that thought? Can you live standing in quicksand your whole life? Sure, many people do it, but are you OK with that? I’m not.

My quest is to be Great at being me, then if that transcends into something else, so be it.

I hope you will join me in this quest. Once we are Great in who we are, everything else around us becomes easy.

Until Next week my friends


Published by sistersisterliveshow

Once upon a time sisters were born, they grew up and decided they wanted to drive each other crazy and share it with the world. Whether they are fighting, gabbing, crying, or yelling, they are thick as thieves. Don’t get the world twisted, they are not perfect, but they are perfectly harmonized together in this thing called life. You mess with one you get them all. Leading completely different lives gives them totally different opinions of the world. Sometimes it's comical, sometimes it's dramatic. One thing is for sure, they always speak their mind, and its always raw, real, and relatable! Once they dreamed bigger they brought more sisters and a brother into the mix to create a dynamic team of people committed to giving back. We believe the personalities on the show gives an insight into what the world needs in trying times. There is nothing we can’t do with the Grace of God at our backs.

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