A Full Week Down

Well, it’s a wrap folk.

We completed a full week with all six shows airing. To say we are excited and exhausted is an understatement.

We had some technical issues with the new shows, but we were able to work those out.

One theme kept repeating itself all week long. We have the best people on the team and the best hosts for each show. Even when technical difficulties delayed us or threatened to postpone the show, our Hosts rolled with it and recorded.

Was everything perfect? NO! But we put our best foot forward and had a good time doing it. I am blessed to surround myself with a plethora of fantastic talent and initiative.

Some of the technical issues or other issues are with knowledge. A year ago, we were just two middle-age women wanting to do something to connect on a deeper level. Now we are five women wanting to connect with the world.

It’s a fantastic journey, and I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone else.

We have another week raring to go, and I started it out with CJ in the morning, and I can tell you I was motivated this morning. Please go check out the episode on our YouTube channel.

We will have it up on our Podcast format soon.

Here is to another fabulous week, and each of our Host’s, you are phenomenal, and we would not be who we are without you.


Published by sistersisterliveshow

Once upon a time sisters were born, they grew up and decided they wanted to drive each other crazy and share it with the world. Whether they are fighting, gabbing, crying, or yelling, they are thick as thieves. Don’t get the world twisted, they are not perfect, but they are perfectly harmonized together in this thing called life. You mess with one you get them all. Leading completely different lives gives them totally different opinions of the world. Sometimes it's comical, sometimes it's dramatic. One thing is for sure, they always speak their mind, and its always raw, real, and relatable! Once they dreamed bigger they brought more sisters and a brother into the mix to create a dynamic team of people committed to giving back. We believe the personalities on the show gives an insight into what the world needs in trying times. There is nothing we can’t do with the Grace of God at our backs.

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