The Beginning

Well, It’s happening, and I am feeling at peace. Over a year ago, I approached my sister with an idea of us doing a live show. We were going to come online and talk about whatever we had on our minds. After a few shows and no direction, I thought we should pick topics. After a few more shows with themes that became boring, so we went back to just whatever was on our minds.

Fast-forward a little while, and we started doing the Survivor story. This work was so fulfilling for both of us since we are both survivors of horrible things in our lives (if you read our book, you will see). Unfortunately, people telling their story to the world, open and free, isn’t as easy as some think. Without guests to tell their story, we had to re-evaluate.

Let’s fast-forward a little bit more, the pandemic happens, and everything is just thrown into a whirlwind of emotions. We stay put without doing any shows. We can’t bring ourselves to talk about anything because we’re stuck in a perpetual groundhog day.
Now here we are, full speed ahead hosting six shows a night, expending to other sisters, and having our very own website. Who would have thought a year ago we would be doing this.

We have stated our purpose for all of this before, but let us say it one more time. My sister and I have a dream. We want to open up a “Sister House.” This house will be for women to go and get a hot meal and good conversation. No one can stay the night. The house will be a safe zone, and there will be resources there if someone needs them. Once the home is stable and women know of it, we will later expand into having a scholarship. This scholarship will be named after my cousin Kelly Rohr who lost her life to Domestic Violence in 2019.

We want to be able to have a place for Women to get a hot meal and have someone to just have a conversation with and possibly get some help. We also want to help a child who has lost a parent to Domestic Violence go to college.
This is why we are pushing so hard for our shows, this is why we wrote our book, and Melissa spilled her innermost secrets for the world to show. We believe that opening the dialogue and communicating with the world can heal more, feel more, and eventually bring others into that circle of faith!

We hope you get something out of our shows, our life, and our drive to give back!

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