This started with two sisters and grew into so much more!

We want to spread awareness across the world and come together. We do this by hosting seven shows a week to keep your mind engaged. Sundays our “Beating The Streets” team goes out and feeds the community, conversates and provides resources so they know where to go when they need help.

Each Saturday we bring you resources so you always know where to go when you are looking for a piece of advice, service or just a friend.

Will you join us in this journey?

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“I felt Mel & CJ were really compassionate and welcoming during my interview and would love to collaborate with them again.” – Philip D’Arcy Transformations

“Wonderful Hosts, great conversation, and a good time.” – Alexander Martin Artist – alexanderandrewmartin.com

“I am completely happy with every part of my experience on the sister podcast. The platform was great and they were very responsive.” – Daniel Levin, Author of “The Mosaic” & host of “Conversations With a Stranger” – themosaiconline.com/